Sex club


WHO YOUR PARTNERS? We have a strict face control and psychological control with the robot-psychologist at admission to membership in the club!

Your partners - are middle-class & high-class, sexual men and women with a high social standing! We have a rigorous selection of the club members of your photos and a psychological control of a robot-psychologist.

YOU HAVEN'T TIME TO SEARCH A PARTNER FOR DATING? Forget about it. In club SEX 911 you dont need to spend time on it. Just look at the list of phone numbers ... and give call! Spice up your sex life today! Ask, if partner want to meet and find out about the time and place. Sex club are a panacea for business people who are used to value time and money. Don't waste your time! You can take your phone and schedule appointments! Plan your meetings and enjoy life!

PRIVACY AND ANONYMITY You can not post your photos. There are famous - people, politicians, lawyers, bankers, and businessmen in our club. How do you think - is not it exciting when you hear only the voice, and you don't know about the rest? Agree, it's intriguing and spicing up your meetings! However, sharing your photo can increase the number of your appointments. It's up to you.

WHAT ABOUT SECURITY LEVEL? At first, a club member says a keyword at the begining of calling or send sms message. This simple action allows to filter out random or extraneous people. At second, all members of the club 911 pass through strict face control. At third, all members pass a psychological dialog with the robot-psychologist online, which creates the necessary filtering of inadequate people.

Welcome to the new sexual life, full of new meetings with sexy and attractive partners!


1. RESPECT. Respect the partner! Don't ask about work and private life!

2. USE CONDOMS. This one of conditions. Sex should be the safe!

3. MEETING CONDITIONS. The meeting should pass in neutral territory, in hotel and vacation spots or special places SEX 911. It excludes the personal factor and gives to meetings a special shade. Thus the initiator of a meetingalways pays. Names aren't called, meetings have anonymous character.

4. MEMBERSHIP IN CLUB. Membership for 1 month - 30$.

ACTION! We give free membership as a gift for ladys.

5. RECOMMENDATIONS. Recommend club only to those people of whom you are assured. Consider a social status and level of your friends.

6. THE CALL SCENARIO [OR THE SMS-MESSAGE]: - Password is... [say current voice password]. You are free [on] today?

- Yes.

- Today in [say place].... at .?

- Yes.

- I will look

- Okey, and i will look ... Well, see you.

Thus it is possible to tell, how you look, what clothes, especial attributes. At to meeting don't say the name, full anonymity should remain.

7. PHONE NUMBERS SHOULD BE REAL! Strict rule of the sex club is - the phone number must belong to a member.

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